Tea Mood Trading Est. is a Member of Yara Investment Group.

Out of a desire to make a new impact in tea products, and following our great successes with Pure Honey Spoon products and packaging of the finest types of tooth cleaning twigs (Sewak) all over the world, we are taking our next step.

From the land of elephants on mountain slopes of the Ceylon Islands, where raindrops and breezes tell the story of the legendary drink whose authentic taste we have always longed for.

After extensive market studies and research, and out of a desire to make an impact in 2020, we’ve packaged our Tea Mood in its original homeland of Sri Lanka. Under the supervision of the best Ceylon tea connoisseurs, we have made a perfect blend, a product of unrivaled specifications in terms of luxurious quality. The incredible taste of this tea means it will be our closest companion at all times, and it represents our generous hospitality on all occasions.

We were keen to choose the finest types of Ceylon tea in the world, we also packaged this tea using the latest technological methods to meet all global health requirements. Hence, we selected the finest tea leaves and the best packaging materials, with no metal pins, since your health is our primary concern. (Enjoy our richly flavored tea matching your mood)



شاي مزاج

Luxurious Blend

شاي مزاج

Ceylon Tea

شاي مزاج

Rich in Flavor

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